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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We expect 7,500 people to attend the Convention and it will take a very large team of people to take care of them. However, not everyone is ready to participate in this work. How can we help others to understand how important this is?

Answer: You can learn from our friends from abroad. They are paying thousands of dollars to buy tickets to fly to the Convention in order to spend three days working in the kitchen. We do not understand how great they are.

Besides, the Convention begins with preparation. We have to provide food for all the participants, set up the necessary equipment and the pavilions, and take care of many more things. We have spent several months planning all of this.

We have been doing this work for many years and I don’t think we would accomplish it if we didn’t know how great is the spiritual benefit it brings us. It holds incredible benefit. Even when you assess it egoistically, it’s worth it for you to put in as many efforts as possible into this.

In general, anything that’s useful consists of efforts you expend, but here we are talking about spiritual benefit in a pure form. Friends from different countries are coming and participating in this work because they understand that this is precisely where unity is revealed. That is where the maximum benefit lies.

Let us hope that more and more people will start to participate in this. It’s not because we can’t manage without their physical help, but rather, if they come and desire to participate, we will be able to share the spiritual benefit with them.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/15/10, “What is the Day of the Lord and the Night of the Lord in the Work”

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