Commemorating Baal HaSulam

We are removed from the World of Infinity by 125 steps of concealment and are totally cut off from authentic reality. It is like we are comatose and don’t realize who and where we are. We have to awaken from this state, regain consciousness, and return to the same place from which we descended by climbing back up all 125 steps again. On this path from below upward, we overcome concealments and achieve similarity with the Creator. In other words, we become like Him.

As a matter of fact, no one in this world has a chance to wake up on their own, nor can we ascend from the bottom point that is buried under 125 degrees of concealment. As it is said, “A prisoner cannot release himself from the jail.” For that, he needs to use some external force.

We are unable to sense the upper world and, therefore, exist in a false reality. Because of our unconsciousness, we fantasize that we are alive and that there is a world full of people around us, the earth, and the universe. Such images emerge in our unconscious minds, and we perceive them as real life.

Through our dreams, we hear voices that say, “You are unconscious, deprived of actual life, of the spiritual world,” but we don’t trust them. Only those people who watch us from the side realize that we are in a coma.

We have to be grateful for the awakening of our “point in the heart.” It allows us to differentiate impulses that reach to us from another world and a different reality. Great Kabbalists try to introduce us to real sensation and, by doing so, wake us up to a genuine existence.

Beginning with Adam, the first human being who "regained consciousness," and up until now, there was a long chain of Kabbalists who attained authentic reality. However, today, we all have to come back to our senses. Our "doctor," Baal HaSulam, together with his "assistant," Rabash, applied all possible efforts to help us recover consciousness. It is they who attract the ray of Light that now finds its way from authentic reality into our unconscious mind that is, as of yet, switched off.

From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/16/10, Lesson for Commemoration of Baal HaSulam’s Passing Day

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