The "Simulator" Is Spirituality

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Simulator is spirituality because it means we are building something between us with a desire to produce our common spiritual state. This state exists outside of us, like an external point of connection between us that I can always make contact with. I can be constantly connected to it and I can constantly contribute everything I am capable of to it. I will then receive the spiritual force – life from it.

Therefore, the simulator is a spiritual quality like Bina. That is exactly how we should relate to it. That is why we have to turn this virtual space into our inner, spiritual space. We have to “throw” all our aspirations, hopes, and concerns into it. What is a group is and where is mutual guarantee? It’s there! Throw everything in there, inside this “mail box.” If we all put our efforts and aspirations for spirituality into this single space and receive spiritual life only from it, then this is exactly what we need.

This space is virtual in the external sense, but in the internal sense it is the place where all our desires, aspirations, and intentions are concentrated. That’s why this space is spiritual and the Creator becomes revealed inside it. We build the Creator ourselves; He is not outside of us. All of this is extremely serious. The time has come for us to start doing serious practical work.

The whole question is: Does a person consider this “simulator” the most important thing in his life, just like spirituality? Does he desire to receive inspiration from it instead of another place? If yes, then the inspiration he feels is spiritual because he is impressed by the connection among us which is embodied there in that simulator. At the end of the day, we must see it as the focus of our common concern and the source of life for everyone.

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