The "Spiritual Simulator" Is A Step Toward The Future Society

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur goal is to bring all of humanity to absolute connection. Our spiritual simulator represents the virtual space where we feel the connection between us, and consequently it will become spiritual. By developing in it gradually, step by step, we will continuously feel greater unity. We will begin to feel the soul, the quality of mutual bestowal. Subsequently such spiritual communication will become the foundation for creating a society according to the principles of connection between the parts of the common soul, which Baal HaSulam describes in the articles “The Last Generation” and “Building The Future Society.”

This communication will continually include new systems of society and government with all of the services and relationships, starting from the level of this world and continuing on to the spiritual connections. In order to express the evolving model of society, the structure will take on various forms and create various virtual platforms on the internet to the extent that these connections are built between friends – all members of the society.

All the spiritual worlds, the Creator, and the perception of reality are revealed by changing and correcting the inner connection between us. The spiritual stimulator allows us to hasten spiritual development and head in the right direction. Individual participation in this stimulator will give a person an opportunity to evaluate, feel, and check the state of development that he is truly in.

(This video was made by our long-time friend and a member of Bnei Baruch from Boston Doctor Alexander Angelov.)

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