Is There A Connection Between Body And Soul?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is a person’s soul connected to his body like a spiritual root and its branch?

Answer: The soul is not connected to the body. The soul contains 613 desires which I have to correct with the help of 613 Lights. These desires are not connected to our world in any way and they are not present in a regular person.

They surface only in those who study Kabbalah with the intention to create a connection among the students based on bestowal and love, meaning to correct the breaking of the single soul of Adam into parts, into separate souls. These uncorrected desires or mutual hate do not emerge in those who do not study Kabbalah and therefore they have nothing to correct.

The correction takes place in two phases:

1. Not using the 613 desires. This is called carrying out the "613 recommendations of the Torah (Eitin).

2. Reception inside the 613 desires for the sake of bestowal. This is called carrying out "613 instructions of the Torah" (Pkudin).

The desires that were corrupted and became egoistic have the intention "for one’s own sake.” When they are corrected, they acquire the intention of being used "for the sake of others." These desires are the fulfillment of a commandment, since the Creator commanded us "to correct our souls."

This is a spiritual action that does not depend on the physical body. A person may have no arms and legs, or may even lack the whole body, but he can still carry out these actions. The correction of one’s desires is in no way connected to physical flesh. One’s presence in the spiritual world is not connected to this world.

Everything is felt inside the desire. Matter is desire. The sensation inside the lowest desire creates the picture of our world for us or the reality in which we live. The lowest level, called "this world," is impossible to correct. It is the still level which is not subject to correction.

However, besides the still level of desire called "this world," I also receive a small desire of the next level, a "point" of the higher level which is in no way connected to the material level. This desire is called a "point" because in it I perceive only an aspiration to something beyond this world. I can develop it by drawing Light that will connect it to the points of other people, or stated differently, it will connect my soul with other souls. Inside the connection that emerges, I will begin to feel the spiritual world.

When more points connect to my point, then a system emerges and the Light brings it to life. Then all the participants feel life!

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/1/10, “The Matter of Root and Branch”

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  1. I dont understand this part at all how corporeality is not related with spirituality or how body can not be connected with the soul. I am and will be thinking about it now and then. I was also thinking about physical things recently. For example, Why people’s have different body smells if they are meant to get close to each other? This was upsetting in the weekend and this morning it is a question, too why there is such a system that when people get close to each other suddenly their body smells can push them away from each other. This is very frustrating.

  2. But if the soul does not have any connection to the physical world then how do we know it exists? If all is controlled by nature as stated in Body and Soul, then how can it?

  3. i understand.

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