We’ll Pass The Machsom And The World Will Change!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Will the world change if we pass the Machsom at this Congress? Will it happen immediately or gradually?

Answer: Right now we are able to unite our desires and awaken the Upper Light to such an extent that we will feel the Light. We will then feel the spiritual reality, the connection between us through mutual bestowal. I am not talking about love, total interconnection or "return due to love" because this is the second phase of correction. For now we are connecting on the first phase of correction just by ascending above our ego by the force of the Light.

This Light is like a magnet that raises us above our egoism, above the mountain of hatred, Mount Sinai. We can ascend above egoism and enter the spiritual world temporarily, for a certain amount of time, and then once again descend into the ego and return into the material world. Alternatively, we can ascend or enter it permanently, in which case from that state on we will begin the phases of development in the "desert," where we ascend up the spiritual ladder. We will then rise along 125 levels until the World of Infinity, the total correction of egoism into bestowal and love.

Let us hope that we will attain at least a temporary revelation of the Creator. However, even if this doesn’t happen, it means that we still lack the true desire for it, that our desire is not great or precise enough yet in order to get rid of egoism. In that case, it will happen next time when we accumulate sufficient force and the exact desire to ascend above ourselves. The most important thing is to be concerned about the connection between us and to reveal the Creator inside this connection. This is the purpose of the existence of the worlds and of man in this world.

Our quantitative and qualitative force is already sufficient for us to attain it at this Congress.

From the 1st lesson of the Mega Congress 2010

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  1. So, did it work? for everyone? When can we get a summary of what has changed? because somebody is seeing what has changed right? they can report to rest of the people at least. A name list or something. A friend said that “results are not gonna be told to you” but she said it jokingly so I am taking my chances. A report would be good indeed.

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