The Return Of The Ari

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, Letter #39: Itzhak Cohen, one of the Ari’s students, said that he entered the Ari’s room when he was dying and wept because the students were losing the hope they had during their teacher’s life to see a world full of goodness, wisdom, and the Light of the Creator. The Ari replied, "If there was at least one complete righteous man among you then I would not be taken away from this world before my time."

The student asked him, "What should we do next?" To which the Ari replied, "Tell the friends on my behalf that from this day on they are not to touch the science I taught you because you did not understand it properly. Therefore, only Chaim Vital will continue to study it quietly and in secret."

The student exclaimed, "So we don’t have any hope?!" And the Ari replied, "If you merit it, I will come to you and teach you."

The student objected, "How will you come to teach us if you are already leaving this world?" The Ari replied, "What do you understand of the concealed secrets and paths of my return to you!" With these words, he immediately passed away to enter life in the world to come…

Indeed, this is a sad picture. Everything was arranged from Above so that during the Ari’s death his group of students was not next to him. Just one student was present, Itzhak Cohen. Even Chaim Vital, the leading student of the Ari to whom the Ari transferred the paths of this wisdom, was not present next to his teacher at this time.

Apparently Itzhak Cohen did not possess great attainment at the time since he did not even understand what was happening and asked, "How will you come to teach us!?" This means that he did not yet understand that there is no difference between the worlds, and that the Upper Level is always able to descend and manifest on the lower levels whenever they are ready to accept it!

The Ari tells us, "As soon as you make an effort and are ready, I will make contact with you! As soon as you rise to the spiritual level, we will immediately meet and there you will receive all the fulfillment and help from me!"

From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/15/10, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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