Don’t Get Washed Away Into The Stormy Sea

Laitman_703_01Sometimes a person feels that he is tired, that he needs rest, and that the path is not for him. Even though he knew ahead of time that these states would come, he suddenly forgets what to do. All the articles talk about this. They describe the inner struggle, the obstacles, and how the righteous ascend where the wicked fall. Thus, a person reaches a state where he is really given freedom of choice.

This requires a great deal of luck, where luck means that he was able to set up a relationship with the environment, group, teacher, and Kabbalah books that does not let him leave. He takes on various obligations and participates in all of the group’s actions in order to make habit become second nature. This prevents him from leaving these actions since otherwise those around him will start to look down on him.

If he realizes how weak his nature is and sets up these connections, then he is able to hold on and stay. This is similar to how sailors on a ship’s deck tether themselves to the boat with ropes so the waves won’t wash them into the open waters. They know that they won’t have the strength to hold on in rough seas, and so they tie themselves with tether lines.

You can’t do the tying when you are already being washed away. Everything must be prepared in advance. Sailors understand that they don’t have the strength to overcome the tremendous force of stormy seas that throws them in every which direction.

That is how a person should prepare, and the group must offer guaranteed support so he won’t leave the path even in the stormiest of conditions. The person must also use all of his qualities, such as pride, the common ego, and all sorts of calculations to ensure that he won’t run away from the path and that he will reach the goal.

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/8/10, Writings of Rabash, "And the Children Racketed Withing Her"

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