Answers To Your Questions, Part 17

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhy Is The Creator Concealed From Man?
Questions about the post “Kabbalists On The Purpose Of Creation, Part 5”

Question: What is the purpose of creation?

Answer: To enjoy just like the Creator!

Question: Is this a true statement: “If all Jews observed the 613 Mitzvot, then anti-Semitism would disappear”?

Answer: Yes. However, it doesn’t refer to earthly actions, but rather to correcting the 613 desires which make up the soul. If the Jews corrected their souls, the Light would pass onto all the souls of the world (see “Introduction to The Book of Zohar,” Items 70-71). This is because their souls have already been in the property of bestowal and lost it. Therefore, they have to be the first to return to it in order to be the conduit between the Creator and the souls of the world.

The reason for anti-Semitism is the fact that the Jews ignore their mission. In this way the Creator hastens them towards their highest mission. At the same time, the nations of the world feel this mission subconsciously and, as a result, feel hatred.

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  1. Are jews specials then?

    Sorry, I don’t buy it.

    This seems to me like:

    We are specials. We will be the first ones, the you guys.

    Please, answer my question:

    Are jews specials then?

  2. Does that mean, that all not jews can just sit back and wait until jews will correct the world? Or should they become even more hateful in order to make jews move a bit faster and perhaps concentrate to the correction instead of making money and feeling superior?

    Honestly, it’s still hard to understand that G-d would take sides and would leave other souls (“nations”) for the purpose of just to hasten his chosen ones. Good mother or father never takes sides and nourishes them all.

  3. I believe that every people – and indeed, in a more limited way, every individual – is “chosen” or destined for some distinct purpose in advancing the designs of Providence. Only, some fulfill their mission and others do not. Maybe the Greeks were chosen for their unique contributions to art and philosophy, the Romans for their pioneering services in law and government, the British for bringing parliamentary rule into the world, and the Americans for piloting democracy in a pluralistic society. The Jews were chosen by God to be ‘peculiar unto Me’ as the pioneers of religion and morality; that was and is their national purpose. Stop the bigotry of other cultures and listen to the truth of Bnei Baruch Kabbalah.

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