Answers To Your Questions, Part 10

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Attainment of the Purpose of Creation Rests Upon the Whole of Mankind
Questions about the post “Kabbalists On The Purpose Of Creation,” Part 7

Question: Kabbalah maintains that the spiritual laws are rigid and unchangeable as the laws of nature are in our world. Yet it also states that, contrary to these laws, a spark called “Ner Dakik” (fine and small illumination) descended under the Machsom (barrier separating us from spirituality) and begot the entire material reality. How could it be that the spiritual law was violated?

My Answer: There are two natures, two worlds; the upper one controls the lower one.

Question: Quote: “When it comes to the correction of the soul, no corporeal abilities or talents determine success.” Some of your students are very talented and participate in almost every dissemination project. Also, there are those who have a hard time working even an hour per day. Often  this makes me depressed and even fearful because it’s impossible to attain the goal even with such efforts. How can I use this state and not fall into despair?

My Answer: The spiritual success depends on the effort put forth to create the desire for the property of love and bestowal. It has nothing to do with one’s corporeal faculties given by nature at birth.

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