Traveling With Rabbi Shimon

Laitman_132A question I received: Why do the authors of The Zohar repeat and explain the same things over and over again? Isn’t it enough to explain the basics and proceed further? Why do they write so much about things that are clear to us already, for example, that each element consists of four parts multiplied by three lines, which eventually add up to twelve parts?

My Answer: By reiterating, the authors of The Zohar give a chance to those who already possess the screens and spiritual vessels (Kelim) to perform the actions described in The Book while they read it. A person then reveals these actions and performs them along with Rabbi Shimon during the time when the latter wrote The Zohar. Time doesn’t exist in spirituality, so the reader connects with the author, grasps his hand like a child holding on to an adult, and proceeds together with him.

Rabbi Shimon leads a person, shows and explains to him the actions and properties one by one by replicating the same actions in various places over and over again. Why? It’s because each time we have to correct a certain property within our desire to receive pleasure.

It seems to us that it is already enough; how many times can we go over the same things? But that is because we simply neither know nor sense that these things are in fact different. Names and titles look the same, but each time they stand for new inner definitions. This is why we should simply move along with the authors of The Zohar, trying to connect with them as much as we can in order to better understand what’s going on.

From the Evening Zohar Lesson 5/5/10

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