Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 05.03.10

Preparation to the Lesson, Shamati #206 “Faith and Pleasure
My environment has the power to fundamentally change my values and me and make me desire things that are opposite to my egoistic nature.
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The Book of Zohar – Selections, Chapter “VaEra (And I Appeared),” Item 77
By understanding that the entire world is a reflection of my own qualities, I begin to view reality as a testing ground for self-correction.
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Beit Shaar HaKavanot, Item 117, Lesson 37
The book, Beit Shaar HaKavanot, describes states that are closer to us, thereby sharpening our demand for correction.
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Rav Yehuda Ashlag “Matan Torah (The Giving of the Torah),” Lesson 5
Love is boundless and the pleasure it gives me doesn’t put out its flame.
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