The Importance Of Spreading The Wisdom Of Kabbalah, Part 2

Laitman_909Baal HaSulam, “The Future Generation,” Preface (abridged):
There is a legend about a group of people that were lost in the desert and suffered from hunger and thirst. One of them found an abode filled with abundance, and started to shout and blow his horn so that his less fortunate friends could hear him and come to this place of abundance.

All of humanity is lost in a horrible desert, but we have discovered Kabbalah books, a source that can fill our souls with life. We remember our friends who are still lost in the desert, and thus we blow the horn hoping that they will hear us, come closer to us, and become as happy as we are.

In this world, knowledge helps us provide for our corporeal needs. Aside from that, we develop through hardship and affliction, desperately trying to prevent pain and suffering. Imagine that there is a book that describes the way of attaining order, confidence, and tranquility, a book that guarantees peace in the world and in our everyday lives. With it, we have a chance to correct our future.

The Appeal to Study Kabbalah
I don’t consider myself to be a special person, so if I managed to find everything I need for happiness in these books, then you can too.

Why Do I “Blow The Horn”?
I take everything that is happening and the opportunity presented to us now so close to my heart that I simply cannot hold back any longer. I’ve decided to broadcast the way to achieve happiness. So, I reach out to people and blow the horn because, in my opinion, it is worth doing in order to gather together all the “chosen ones,” who by studying and comprehending these books will bring themselves and the whole world to the scale of merit.

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