Personal Attainment Is The Only Proof

Dr. Michael LaitmanA person wanders in darkness not knowing what to do and desiring to ascend spiritually, to move from reception to bestowal. Until the moment of the first revelation – crossing the Machsom and encountering the Light – he has no example of how it happens. After it occurs, his own experience allows him to sense a new reality rather than trust someone else’s words. Yet until a person reveals the right spiritual desire (Kli) within himself and contacts the Light directly, it is impossible to prove anything to him.

The wisdom from Kabbalists won’t affect a person that does not possess spiritual experience on his own. He starts from scratch. He deals with something that is above his nature and exists beyond the boundaries of death.

While we are still alive, we have to elevate to a level of existence that is above death, called “the world to come.”  Nothing can replace this attainment or prove this to us. To reach this revelation, we need to correct our desires and obtain spiritual “sight,” the Light of Hochma which clothes itself in our desire to receive. This is the only proof we can get. Right now, the only “justification” for learning Kabbalah is the belief that the Surrounding Light corrects us.

We hope that we have found a remedy that is able to disclose the Light and change us. It works like a miraculous force (Segula) that is concentrated in authentic Kabbalah books. These books serve as a means to reach an exalted state that we are unable to approach on our own, and attract the influence of Light upon ourselves from there.

It is written: “I created the evil inclination and the Torah to correct it, because the Light in it Reforms.” Our entire learning process is about the realization of this sentence. We strive to change ourselves and start sensing a new life, a new dimension within our corrected desires.

From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/6/10, “Inheritance of the Land”

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