Our World Is But A Corridor Into Spirituality

europe5 A question I received: Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. Can spiritual revelation through the science of Kabbalah prevent another catastrophe from happening?

My Answer: The world is facing enormous problems. We feel this, even though we still have good lives. It’s like the joke about a person who’s falling off a ten-story building, but in the meantime, while he’s still flying through the air, he thinks that everything is ok.

All the experts are speaking about the perilous state of the world, even when it comes to the economy, which seems to be blooming. We are cooking up a powerful bomb for ourselves in all areas of life, although its action is delayed for now. The science of Kabbalah is being revealed as the general solution to all of the world’s problems. However, this is not happening in order to rid the world of these problems. These problems are given to us precisely in order to turn the world to a new direction.

The science of Kabbalah is not a remedy against misfortunes, so that instead of the misfortunes you would feel good. Rather, it is intended to elevate man to a different dimension.

Therefore, as long as people don’t feel that they shouldn’t merely get rid of their troubles, but also have to attain a different life, one that’s eternal and perfect, it will remain difficult for us to disseminate the science of Kabbalah. It does not provide a temporary or partial solution, but talks about your entire life, this entire reality which you now feel. It tells you that this reality is incorrect, transient, and imaginary, urging you to ascend as fast as possible from this reality to the true, eternal reality. Your current existence takes place in obscured senses, in a state of unconsciousness, like a patient in a critical state. You have to save yourself by ascending.

Humanity does not feel this yet, but gradually, step by step, by virtue of the dissemination of the science of Kabbalah, the public opinion must be brought to the realization that our world is but a corridor leading to the Upper World, and we have to ascend from this world to spirituality. Then we will attain it.

From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/12/10, "Exile and Redemption"

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