One Is Equal To Millions

Laitman_403 Baal HaSulam, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar:”  Do not be surprised that one person’s actions bring elevation or decline to the whole world, for it is an unbending law that the general and the particular are as equal as two peas in a pod. And all that applies in the general, applies in the particular, as well.

In spirituality, the general and the particular are absolutely equivalent. Every person individually and all people taken together carry the same weight. In the material world we can’t grasp how can it not matter whether there is one person or a million. However, in the spiritual world, the calculation is different. We don’t understand that one person can either complete or ruin perfection.

It’s not just adding one to all the rest. Because every person includes everybody else in himself, his contribution does not simply add 1% to 99%, filling a certain niche. When one person is missing in the general, he is missing in each part of the general. No part of a general body can function and feel healthy if it’s lacking a single element. That is why everyone is equivalent to all the rest in his or her importance.

It’s hard to understand it while living in this world because we act according to the laws of matter, not qualitative properties. But in the spiritual world, one – and any – person can put the entire world in motion.

What we really differ in, however, is the sequence of corrections. There is a strict hierarchy in spirituality, whereby the lighter desires are corrected first, followed by the coarser ones. Also, there is a certain order between the right, left, and middle sides. Yet, the correction of every person is equally important.

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