Love Above Hatred

Laitman_421_02 A Question I Received: If the gap and the hatred between us remain, then what do we correct?

My Answer: Correction is above the gap and the hatred. We don’t understand this since we exist in one world. We see either black or white, as we cannot see both black and white at the same time. When we begin to enter another reality, and two worlds emerge before us, then suddenly we are able to see that there is no contradiction between good and evil, darkness and light. We see that these two lines unite in a third line, which is neither black nor white, contrary to the way it is perceived in this world.

We are approaching the end of our egoistic development, and as the global nature of the world is revealed through quantum physics, the contradictory forms of the world are revealed, yet our mind is incapable of putting them together to form one picture of the world. Our minds do not agree with the fact that the opposites are connected, that one object can exist in two forms, two places, and so on. In other words, new, spiritual concepts or time, movement, space, and the existence of reality, emerge in us, but still our minds cannot assimilate this; our minds don’t have the capacity to do so in this world.

Therefore, we are unable to comprehend how there can be revelation of evil, and how we build goodness above it without destroying it. We may object that we can imagine this somehow for ourselves, but this is not the true picture since we still lack the senses for perceiving these two worlds – love and hatred, separation and unification, together at the same time. We are unable to imagine this properly. We can only be in one of two opposite qualities.

In order to attain this ability to see both at the same time, we need revelation in the sensations (Kli), and only through this will we understand what Kabbalists are talking about. This is why the science of Kabbalah is called “the hidden wisdom.” After all, it is hidden from me as I am unable to sense what they are saying until I am ready to feel it, before the Light comes and forms the spiritual sense in me.

Then, as the sensation develops and new qualities are revealed in the desire, I will also begin to understand. When I reach the fourth, the last stage of development of each quality, I will already have a sensation and an understanding of spiritual phenomena. But it cannot happen prior to this.

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