Let The Light Unite Us

Laitman_910 When we gather, instead of thinking that we want to unite with the others, we need to think about wanting the Upper Light to unite us. Without connection with the Upper Light, any other unification will prove to be false and will lead to even greater hatred. This must be made clear to the people around us. Otherwise, it may seem that we’re talking about love and friendship in just the same way as many other people and organizations do in the world.

We’re not talking about the same thing that is understood in our world as “love.” Love that we are talking about is the result of the action of the Upper Light. Love will be born as a result of this action. At present, we don’t really know what it is; we just use the same word for it. In reality, love is entirely different from what we imagine it to be right now.

To feel love, we want to feel that the Light is between us. It’s the force that connects us into one whole. “You and me” are only a means for this force to be revealed. What is the real reason for me to be by your side? I need you for the precise purpose of revealing the Creator. I use you for this and vice versa. Only when the Light comes and creates the connection between us will I feel what it means to love you and not before. If it seems to me that I love you before this happens, it’s just a delusion.

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