Freedom From Exile For The Entire World

Dr. Michael Laitman A question I received: What needs to be done in order to start life with a clean slate during the upcoming holiday of Passover (Pesach), which is the celebration of our exodus from our ego?

My Answer: Starting life “with a clean slate” is a necessary condition. We live in a new era, a period when all the old laws stop operating. We cannot continue to live as before because the world has become global. There is a new law operating within it: the law of the common system, meaning the unity of the souls and their adhesion with the Creator.

This state did not exist previously. The state that is to be revealed now is that the entire world is in exile, just like Jews once were while in Egyptian slavery. Until now our civilization continued to develop and people did not feel that they were in exile, which means living in an uncorrected world.

We thought that we were developing, advancing, conquering, building, and better realizing our ego. But now, the entire world is discovering that it is in exile in relation to the absolute global system. However, the world will not be able to do anything on its own in order to come out of this exile. The G-8 and the G-20 conferences will not be able to help. The world will not be able to unite on its own.

Only that part of the world called “straight towards the Creator” (Yashar El, Israel) will be able to bring it towards this unity. And we need to begin this unity with a clean slate for all of humanity for them to see that there are people among all nations striving towards the Creator.

Look how many groups and individual students there are around the world studying with us. This is because there is an inclusion of Malchut into Bina and Bina into Malchut with both needing to be corrected. So all of us, together, need to bring the world to unity.

Moreover, we need to connect to us the people who were once on the spiritual level and went through the breaking of the common soul during the times of the destruction of the Temple, who are the corporeal people of Israel. The moment these people start connecting to us, the other ten lost tribes of Israel will become revealed and they will also connect to us.

In the end, an enormous force will be revealed, but what matters most is its single, qualitative, inner part, which can create this unity. The whole world needs an explanation for this feeling that they are in exile in relation to the global, common system, and that all the souls must unite.

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