I Refuse To Be A Puppet

Dr. Michael Laitman A question I received: What is “the Path of Sanctity?”

My Answer: “The Path of Sanctity” means that everything that happens to us is commanded from Above and comes from the Creator (Stage 0 —  Keter) with the help of the Light. The Light influences us in two ways:

1. The Light (Pleasure) acts directly on us and creates the desire to receive pleasure (Stage 1 — Aleph), which is the first level of desire.

2. The Light also brings a sensation of its Origin to us (the Creator, the force of bestowal.)

This is why in Stage 1 — the desire to receive, within the desire created by the Light emerges the desire to bestow. Stage 1 strives to transform itself into Stage 2, which is the desire to bestow.

The Creator triggers within me a desire to receive pleasure and I follow His commands directly (the commands of Nature). But when I realize that the Creator who created me as the desire to be pleased is Himself the one who bestows, I want to become similar to Him. This is a secondary impact from the Creator!

Eventually, I deliberately develop this secondary impact within myself, the intention to bestow, until I undergo all four stages of the Creator’s “influence” (HaVaYaH) and merge with Him.

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