Returning To The Root Of One’s Soul

Dr. Michael Laitman A question I received: How do I learn my place in the general system of souls?

My Answer: For that you would need to return to the root of your soul. It is only when a person completes his individual correction and ascends to his root that he learns his place in the general system. And even that is relative, since the entire system has not yet reached complete correction.

It is pointless to ask about such exalted states now. It’s equivalent to a little child asking who he will be when he’s fifty years old. Even thinking within the boundaries of this world we are unable to comprehend such things.

In the spiritual world, the gap between degrees is so enormous that all qualities become inversed, so that a person cannot even discern his next degree. It comes to him when he cancels himself and accepts a state that he initially cannot agree with. Such is the nature of spiritual degrees.

Therefore, presently it is pointless to ask about the root of your soul, about the conclusion of your work. Instead you should correctly carry out what needs to be done here and now. And then we will advance. Gradually we will gather experience and stop asking such questions because we will understand that every new degree is a whole new world. While all our questions pertain only to our current level.

We are incapable of understanding the spiritual world. Even its first and tiniest degree, which exists right above us, is concealed from us, and we are utterly unable to detect it. It is right there before us, but we must first correct our qualities, step by step, by bringing all of our 613 desires in congruence with this degree.

Then we will make contact with the Upper Light, which will be called our next degree. And then we will attune our 613 qualities to a more advanced state, and together with the Upper Light we will reveal an even greater degree. This is how we ascend.

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  1. As a beginner, this sounds intriguiging, but is almost impossible to understand. I feel as though I’ve walked into the middle of a conversation that started a long time ago.

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