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Looking For Love

laitman_294.2On the next degree, an even greater lack is felt: the lack of love. The need for love is a treasure and I suffer from the fact that there is no love in my heart.1

The need to love is a new Kli. In our world love withers because we receive what we desire and enjoy it. How can we enjoy love in such a way that it would constantly continue to grow? I must feel the need to love and enjoy not by using my loved one for pleasure, but in the yearning for it.

This yearning is my Kli and the only joy that I desire. I don’t want to reveal the Creator, but I am fulfilled by my yearning toward Him, by the greatness of the one that I fulfill. Such love never withers. If such love existed in our world, there would never be any divorce. We must work on such love.

We change our attitude toward unity. Our Kli becomes different, we gradually approach it from a new angle: instead of wishing to reach the goal, I enjoy my desire for it. I want to remain in this yearning and receive fulfillment from it like from my first love, from romantic thoughts, from the fact that I enjoy looking at the subject of my affection, from hearing their voice. The Creator gives everyone such an example in life, from it one can understand how this works in spirituality.

We can live in the pleasure of striving for the Creator. Then we will no longer be deceived as before when we wanted to reveal Him and enjoy this love. This is a lie, and this is how we kill it. Love can be enjoyed only if you go above your egoistic desires. Any relationship below this level destroys love.

Therefore, the spiritual and the corporeal are two different worlds. In corporeal life, we love the way we can, but in spirituality, love must be built on faith above reason.

Baal HaSulam, “Letter #19”: “This means that, during the preparation, the beauty and grace appear and the essence of perfection that one yearns and longs for. However, at the time of correction, when “the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord,” then, “I shall see an opposite world,” because only fear and longing are the essence of the desired perfection. Then one feels that, during the time of preparation, one was lying to oneself.”

Indeed, in this manner, our spiritual vessel is not limited, we can feel eternity in it—the Creator. The need to love is pleasure: joy from yearning, desire, and longing. It is in this very yearning that love is achieved, not in receiving it and satiating oneself with it, which destroys it all. We see that such love ends and turns to ruins. The desire to love is not a void, but a fulfillment that never ends. Each time you can increase it, like love for a baby that never ends, it is there for life.

The goal of the Bulgarian congress is to learn how to love, to reveal a genuine desire toward the Creator, and to make the greatest leap toward the first spiritual degree. Genuine love is realized in the group, in unity for the sake of bestowal that the Creator can dress into. It means that the Creator dresses into His creations.

Everyone experiences their first love in their youth; it is given to us from above as an example of selfless platonic love. But we understand that it is impossible to achieve perfect love in our corporeal desires except under the condition that we rise above them. That is why we are given an example in our childhood of enjoying not the physical relationship, but the dreams of our beloved.

This is the attitude I should have toward the Creator: enjoying my yearning for Him so that it would completely fills me. I am content just thinking about the Creator, dreaming of bringing Him joy. This is a limitless Kli that can always be expanded further. This is not the romantic desire we felt in childhood but a desire to bestow, which is very deep and serious. It is more important than this entire world and all the desires to enjoy.

Inside, there are many different properties, wars are waged not for life, but for death, and all about this relationship: for the pleasure of striving toward the Creator. This means bringing joy to the Creator. What else can we give Him; what can we add to His perfection? Only our aspiration to Him.

It is said: “Beware of reaching out for love.” I do not want to receive what I want because this would destroy my love, weaken it, and it would immediately vanish. Therefore, I only need the aspiration.

This originates from the beginning of creation, from the four phases of direct light. The quality of stage four (Behina Dalet) is restriction and yearning. I do not want to receive anything, because I felt shame and understood that I am destroying the way the Creator is relating to me, and in this case, nothing can ever happen between us. It is good that I have developed a feeling of shame, a warning about my inability to love. Therefore, I restrict my desire.

How great it is that I found a solution: the restriction after which there is only the reflecting light, only the yearning toward the Creator. The restriction stays between us, I do not reveal Him, because this is called the disclosure of nakedness. We cannot do that. I always remain in love above reason, and the romantic love fulfills me completely.

I cover the source of my love with a screen so that I will relate to it above my animalistic desires, above the desire to enjoy.2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/13/19, Preparation to the Europe Convention

1 Minute 1:17:35
2 Minute 1:20:30

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 11/14/19

Lesson Preparation

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Lesson on the Topic “Hardening of the Heart – An Invitation to Build a Yearning for the Creator”

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah,” Item 96

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On A Small Raft

laitman_290If I am constantly in the friends, I will not fall, I can balance my states. It is like we are standing on a raft buffeted by the waves, all ten of us. All of our work is in balancing the raft in the stormy sea; everyone makes efforts only for this.

There is a level in the middle of the raft showing the horizontal level and we all focus on it, on the middle line. We do this together or we cannot balance the level. We must feel one another, understand what each one is doing, and what we need for balance. We do not work in turns, one after another, we must be connected internally even before performing actions in order to align the level to zero.

By balancing the level, I perform an action opposite of the Creator: He raises the waves and I want to compensate for the disturbance, to make up for His work, and thus, I call Him. I work with the screen and the reflected light against the Creator, leading to a collision due to the oppositeness of our actions, and at the same time, to adhesion because we work together. It is as if we are dancing a tango, like a bride and groom.

This requires connection of the hearts. The mind will not help here; it works too slowly. Only the heart can react instantly. If one heart feels the other, they will immediately get along even before the comprehension reaches the mind and it begins to think.

Therefore, we want to be in one heart. When we feel that it is possible, we suddenly understand how in fact the spiritual world is arranged: “up to the reason.” The mind will begin to react in half a minute and not before; therefore, the main thing is the feeling, which responds immediately.

One heart means that there is no difference in our attitude; there is no delay from heart to heart; we are simply all together. Therefore, we do not need to wait for each other or ask one another what the other is doing to balance the level. We balance it together; we ask nothing because we know, we feel, what will be. We rise above time because I do not need to wait for the actions of the friends; I live with them in a single heart. Therefore, time disappears since there is no past, present, and future.

Past, present, and future exist between us only because of the transfer from one to another. If we all act from one point, then there is no time. It turns out we already are in eternity because time has disappeared.

However, if we do not work from the center of the group, all our work will be in a very long, roundabout way. Eventually, we will reach the goal someday, but we will stretch the time very much.

The level is the central point of the group, a single desire, single intention, single heart. In this place we can reveal the Creator: one against the other.

The level is not an air bubble in a liquid, like in a physical device, but the common heart of the group that belongs to everyone. Imagine that we are on a raft swaying on the waves. In the middle of the raft there is a level that we need to keep in balance. If we are able to align it, then in the central point that maintains balance despite the waves, our contact with the Creator occurs, His revelation.

On the next degree, it will become even more difficult to maintain balance: the waves will swell higher, the raft will become taller, two floors. However, this will make us unite even more tightly in one heart, and only in this way will we discover more and more opportunities to reveal the Creator and bring Him contentment.

The level is the common point for all of us, which came from the Creator. It is the Creator within us! The level will be in balance if we are all directed toward each other, each one wanting nothing for himself and being ready to give all of himself to the friends.1
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/21/19, Simchat Torah

1 Minute 51:30

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 11/13/19

Lesson Preparation

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Lesson on the Topic “Hardening of the Heart – An Invitation to Build a Yearning for the Creator”

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah,” Item 94

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Win A Bit More For Holiness

laitman_962.1Contraction and expansion are the consequences of the shattering of the common soul of Adam. We cannot just expand at will and emerge from our boundaries. We are always within our desire created by the Creator, but we can use it either in its corrupted or corrected form.

Therefore, expansion and contraction indicate to what extent we can take our corrupted desires and turn them into corrected ones. This is our work. Contraction and expansion happen only in relation to an intention for my own sake or for the sake of bestowal, but inside the same desire.

Each time we win back a little more additional territory from egoism and invert it to holiness, that is, to bestowal. We need to reach the front line where the border between the Klipa and the holiness lies, and try with the help of the Creator, that is, the prayer, our connection, and appeal to the Creator, to push back the forces of impurity and pass this part to the authority of holiness. We need to continue in this way, constantly standing guard over bestowal and further freeing the field blessed by the Creator.1
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/30/19, The Benefit of Moving into a World Ten – Contraction and Expansion” (Preparation for the Convention in Bulgaria)

1 Minute 0:20

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 11/12/19

Lesson Preparation

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Lesson on the Topic “Hardening of the Heart – Invitation to Ascend”

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The Ten

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Unite On A More Internal Level

laitman_962.5Before we get to ask, the question comes down from above and enters our mind and feelings. Only then do we sense it and proceed to ask. The Creator answers us through books and teachers.

We are completely controlled from above, and all that is left to do is to annul ourselves. Only by annulling can we feel that we’ve done something ourselves and not just received from the Creator. Annulment involves our participation, our freewill. We may not know how or what to do, but through faith above knowledge we chose to be a part of the neutral zone above reason. If not for this tiny, but most important part, we would not exist as creations but would be similar to the still, vegetative, and animal nature.1

In this world we are given the friends, the ten, the teacher, and the method. All together it is called my teacher, meaning that which ties me to the goal of creation, the purpose of my life.

The concept of the teacher includes the following:

· A person who studied longer than I have,
· A group of friends that I advance with,
· A method passed down to us by the teacher,
· The books that reached our days through many generations,
· The Creator that we aspire toward through our connection with the books and with the teacher.

All this I combine into one, so that through relating to it the right way and accumulating a certain amount of actions, I would reach a palpable result.

I must annul myself before the Creator in order to advance. This is where the teacher helps me by directing me not toward himself but toward the Creator, as well as the group that directs me not toward the group but toward the Creator. Thus, “Israel, the Torah, and the Creator” aim me toward the upper force. I can annul before the Creator by annulling before the teacher and the group that direct me toward Him.2

The teacher is comprised of two parts:

1. A man of this world,
2. The spiritual component.

It doesn’t matter which human image the teacher portrays to us in this world, for it all depends on the society he lives in and his culture. Each one of us is a product of their environment, we cannot make ourselves different. We need to discount our vision and perception of the outer image of a person and only account for the inner one.

We should treat each other the same way in the group and throughout the world, taking into consideration only their internal qualities, rather than external ones. There are many people from various cultures and nationalities among us. During the lesson on the screen I keep seeing Spain, Peru, the Baltic, Odessa, Plovdiv, Moscow, Kiev, and New York…  A multitude of cities on our screens and of course these are people with different mentalities, various standards of living and outlooks on life. We must erase all of that from our perception.

I don’t look at these differences and only see their connection with the Creator. This is the part I am looking for. I have to collect these connections with the Creator from everyone, as if I am gathering fruit. I want to join in their connection with the Creator, for they already have this connection or they would not be studying with me. I have to increase my connection with the Creator by means of connecting with this quality in every friend.

In order to achieve this, ten people are needed. If there are nine friends with me as the tenth, we can surely affect the Creator. As if we are ringing His doorbell and He opens the door. But on the condition that there are ten of us (Minyan), the minimum quantity that counts. Less than ten is not taken into consideration. In spirituality, ten is as one. This is the difference between this world and the upper world, where only the connection between the ten is felt.

And this is where we do not differ from each other anywhere in the world, and it makes no difference to me whether to unite with Spain or with Almaty, New York, Kiev, St. Petersburg, or Toronto. The main thing is to have ten people, and we will enter into contact with the Creator.

However, if we don’t have ten people, we have to seek them out, we must awaken the friends that stayed home to come to the meeting or to join in virtually. This is the only thing that’s important. We’ve built a virtual network of connections around the world between us, and I hope that we will develop a mechanism that will unite us on a more internal level. With the help of this tool we return to Babylon, but already in a corrected state. From the side of our nature the Babylonian breakage reigns between us, but above it we are united.3
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/10/19, “Baal HaSulam Memorial Day”

1 Minute 18:25
2 Minute 20:33
3 Minute 2:02:09

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A Special Illumination Through The Group

laitman_962.1The group is the face of the Creator, His image. He has no other image but “Israel, the Torah, and the Creator are one.” Therefore, there is: “Me, the group, and the Creator”—three components that connect into one. Or we can say that behind each friend is the Creator. The same Creator that I wish to see, I must build in my relations with my friends.

To advance to the Creator, I need to perform a completely different action to build His image, as I imagine it, in my relations with my friends. Let’s check if I identify the image of the Creator in the group or not? Do I organize the group according to the image of the Creator that I imagine? Do we connect to each other to build the image of the Creator in our relations?

It is said: “You have made Me.” It is as if I take clay or play dough and form the image of the Creator in the relationship with friends. From above downward, the Creator creates a person, and from below upward, a person creates the Creator.1

The light that leads to the connection with the Creator is primary. It is small, weak, but close. And the light that gives connection to the group is strong, multifaceted, powerful. They differ like an audio signal transmitting only voice in comparison with a video signal transmitting a complete picture with a lot of data.

First, the Creator awakens me with a thin ray in which there is nothing but this brief awakening. But through the group, a window through which I can reveal all of reality until the end of correction opens for me because the group represents the image of the Creator.

Final correction means that we expand our Kli of perception so that it contains the entire manifestation of the Creator, all His infinite bestowal. That is, I must discover a limitless connection in the ten, and this will be the final correction.

If I aspire to the Creator without a ten, then this is still an egoistic awakening due to the fact that the Creator excites me. Still, I already see that one should not drown in one’s egoism, but I supposedly want to find a desire belonging to the Creator. This is still an egoistic attitude but already a step forward.

If I want to connect with the Creator through the group, it means that a special illumination comes to me through it. Maybe I still do not understand this, but subconsciously I feel and begin to reach for the group. Therefore, the group becomes important to me.

The desire for the group suggests that a person receives illumination through it. I want to cling to the Creator so I cling to the group, which for me acquires the importance of the Creator.

To the extent that I imagine the Creator within the group and the group brings itself to be in equivalence of form with the Creator, to that extent I am in adhesion with both of them and really find the Creator in the group. This means that the vessel and the light become equal and the light begins to clothe itself inside the desire.2
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/14/19, Preparation to the Europe Convention

1 Minute 20:00
2 Minute 43:25

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 11/7/19

Lesson Preparation

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Lesson on the Topic “Love Covers All Crimes” (Preparation for the Convention in Bulgaria)

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Lesson on the Topic “Preparation for the Convention in Bulgaria”

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Appreciate Above All That Exists In This World

laitman_276.05The holiday of Sukkot allows you to better understand spiritual work, that is, the way a person approaches the Creator. Due to our unity and the diminishing of our ego, we create a place for the Creator where He can dress and reveal Himself among us. The nature of this work varies depending on the depth of desire and its state at different stages of approaching the Creator. Therefore, there are times when the work differs: special days, holidays, days and nights, weeks, etc.

Now we are clarifying a special kind, a special form of approaching the Creator called “Sukkot.” In essence, this work always includes the same components: the desire to enjoy, restriction, the screen, and the reflected light, but with different types of connection between the corrected desire and the upper force, the source of light.

That is why we are studying holiday traditions not as folk customs, but as a method of special approach to the Creator. After all, there is a connection between the branch and the root, and therefore, the state of spiritual roots is reflected in our world. At a time when there is a special surrounding light that brings the corporeal holiday of Sukkot to this world, we should study the upper spiritual roots of this holiday.

Various states descend from the upper roots into our world, reflected as holidays and special traditions in our world.

We exist in the reality of our desire to enjoy, which pictures this whole world for us. And in order to see the true world, we must rise above this egoistic picture. For this, we need to make a cover (Schach), that is, to raise the importance of concepts for which there is absolutely no use from the point of view of a sound egoistic mind: faith, bestowal, unity, love.

No one appreciates such things in our world. As a rule, the most egoistic people striving for power, money, fame, like to talk about love for people, but we understand that this is only to confuse others and take power over them.

Sukkot is a radical transformation that occurs after a person decides to start the New Year, a new period. Everything that was previously insignificant garbage for him, rejected by our egoistic desire, he now collects and raises above his head.

These things cannot be at the level of the mind because there is no rational meaning in them. They need to be elevated above reason, against human logic, and appreciated above all that exists in this world. What becomes most important to me is unity, love, bestowal—everything related to the correction of the desire.

If a person thinks this way, it means that he is building the Sukkah and sanctifies it, sitting in its shadow and enjoying himself. Only in this form can he achieve Ushpizin and deserve to receive honored guests, approaching the Creator more and more every day. The seven days of Sukkot are against the seven Sefirot revealing in our corrected spiritual vessel (Kli).1

Rabash, Letter #36: “…for it is known that Sukkah is the “shadow of faith,” and with respect to the judgment, its shade must be bigger than its sun.

And if one is rewarded and does not add shade on his own, there is mercy on him from above and the sun is covered for him. But then a person becomes angry because he understands otherwise.

And if a person overcomes the shade, he is given “a sun,” and then he must add shade. If he does not add, he is given shade from above, and so forth until he is rewarded with eternal Dvekut (adhesion).

This is called a dance. The Creator plays with a person, giving him sometimes more, sometimes less, and checking his reaction. A person must keep the shade all the time so that his screen covers all his knowledge, that is, he always remains in bestowal.2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/15/19, Sukkot

1 Minute 0:20
2 Minute 1:46:50

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