Human Dependence on Atmospheric Phenomena

709Comment: They say that in nature there is a kind of convergence of celestial bodies and displacement of orbits.

My Response: Naturally! It really affects us physically with all kinds of problems: solar flares, the earth’s magnetic field, reverse polarity; who knows what can happen here. We depend on it very much.

Basically, our body is a bag of electrolytes in which all kinds of currents wander, so a little drop of pressure, a little dust storm (when sand particles rub against each other then electricity appears) and people go crazy! And if such a reversal occurs or the sun suddenly “sneezes,” then that’s it!

We may suddenly be subjected to such a flick that we ourselves will die out and everything else will remain intact. Such an impact by an electromagnetic wave and that’s it, it could possibly involving a pulse that we won’t be able to withstand. In this regard, we are very sensitive, not protected.

If we continue to thin out the atmosphere, and I don’t mean the air atmosphere but everything that protects us from space, from the sun, and is arranged in an equilibrium (dynamically), if we continue to destroy it, then we face very big problems up to destruction.

After all, our entire biological system is so tied to the environment that we are just stupid creatures who do not understand what we are doing with what we depend on!

Question: But it can be influenced somehow by actions or thoughts?

Answer: We need to change ourselves! Then our actions will change, but first of all we change our thoughts. Ultimately, Integral Education is what we need immediately. It should become our most important occupation.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Sun, Moon, Earth” 5/26/13

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