The Israeli Police Do Not Feel Protected

547.05Question: There is a very big problem in Israel: a big number of police officers are resigning. It used to be an honor to become a policeman. Today, resignations are coming one after another. They are being given more and more tasks, more and more responsibility. The salary, however, is very low, below average.

They are accused of abusing authority more and more often, they even are being tried for it. When an Israel Border Police (MAGAV) fighter who neutralizes a terrorist is forced to testify as a suspect, of course, he has a feeling that the country has betrayed him, that it is better to find another job and earn more.

Please tell me what our actions should be regarding those who protect us, the police?

Answer: I even feel uncomfortable talking about it. How is it possible that the policemen get so little and are so little protected?! We have to protect them with the whole country and pay them more than in any other job because they deal with riots, with crime every day, every minute.

When I was in Switzerland about 15 years ago, I talked to a policeman there. An ordinary novice policeman receives 8,000 euros a month. It is not easy to get a job there and it is not easy to work there. Yet, what is special about Switzerland?!

Question: Exactly. Who are you really saving there? And here you are always on edge. Does it mean that, by and large, these two points, and there are probably even more of them: respect from the government and the fact that they are engaged in important work and are always protected, should be present?

Answer: Of course, society should protect them.

Question: Is the fact that they receive very little money also a feeling that they have been abandoned?

Answer: Of course. We should raise their salary. Review the laws of resisting police officers, keeping arms, and so on. Give them a little more freedom in their hands. Strengthen them and recruit a normal number of police officers. Then everything will be different.

They should feel that the people are behind them. And the people should feel that they are protecting them.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/11/22

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