Mutual Movement

151Question: As we know, Kabbalah uses the numerical values of letters. In order to explain spiritual states, Hebrew letters were derived from the Kabbalists researching the very nature of the spiritual world. What are letters and numbers, and what is the connection between them?

Answer: There are no numbers in spirituality. There are letters that depict the movement from the upper one to the lower one, from the Creator to the created beings, to the degree in which created beings can perceive His action on themselves. Therefore, a letter is called Ot (sign), that is, an indication that a person begins to perceive the attitude of the upper force toward him.

Perception begins from the point when he desires to attain the Creator, the upper force, in the measure of his similarity. When a person reveals his desire to bestow, to give pleasure and fulfillment to the Creator, then to the extent of his ability to express it, he begins to recognize that the Creator was ready for the relationship with him from the very beginning.

It turns out that here emerges the connection between the creation and the Creator, meaning equality between the attitude of man toward the Creator and of the Creator toward man. Such a mutual movement of one toward the other leads to mutual fulfillment: a person raises his desire to the Creator, and the Creator fulfills his desire with His presence—light.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 7/26/22

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