Shavuot: Anything but That

507.05Comment: The holiday of Shavuot is the celebration of the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai. It is also called the Harvest Festival. It turns out that all laws, all morality, all spiritual practices, and all religions start from this point—from Mount Sinai.

My Response: There is an offer from above, a revelation to the world from above of the methodology of its existence and its gradual correction to a level where it enters eternity and perfection.

Question: What was the world told from above?

Answer: The world was told that our world exists at a low, corporeal degree, and we exist in it as the egoistic, most harmful, most insignificant, and worthless ones compared to all other creatures of nature.

However, we have the opportunity to rise to the highest level of all nature, that is, to its upper root, which is in infinity relative to us in height.

And we can do it. Otherwise, our life here on this planet will be continuously interrupted by life and death, life and death for each and every one of us. Between life and death there will also be wars, suffering, hunger, and many, many other problems. Thus, our entire existence will be one continuous suffering.

Question: What was said? How do we move toward this good state that you spoke about?

Answer: It is very simple. The main law of the Torah is “Love your neighbor as yourself.” That is it! And then, go and do it.

Question: Was it said at this precise moment? Why did we not hear it?

Answer: We did not hear anything. We heard what was said, and immediately kind of asked: “Do you have another Torah?” The answer was: “No, there is no other one. This is the best thing for you even though you do not understand it. Therefore, take it and do it.”

Comment: So it turns out that we have been avoiding this simple law for millennia.

My Response: Yes. Anything but that!

Question: Is this what symbolizes the holiday of Shavuot: live by this law and everything will be fine?

Answer: Yes. But Shavuot is already a holiday for advanced people. These are people who were inside their egoism, felt its harmfulness, malignancy, and inevitability. They realized that the only way to get rid of it was to just run away from it—just run away! When they were running away, they were ready for anything, even death just not to stay inside egoism!

This is why they jumped into the sea and crossed over it onto dry land. They reached a state where they were ready to receive the laws of the upper world instead of our egoistic natural laws. Basically, “We shall do and we shall hear.”

This was when they received the Torah. What does it mean to receive the Torah? It means I take upon myself the laws of the upper world. I want to live not in our corporeal world the way we exist today and even worse and worse, this is what the Torah promises us, but to rise higher to the qualities, to the laws of the upper world. Those laws are simple: love for your neighbor, love for everyone, accepting everyone as part of your body, your soul, your “I.”

Question: They are as relevant now as never before?

My Response: Yes, more and more. Since we are egoists, we perceive everything according to what we feel in our egoistic qualities. Therefore, what can we do? We feel that we are living in a wrong way, but we turn a blind eye to the way to live correctly, and we cannot accept this upper law of love for our neighbor.

Why do you not do it? Are you going to pay something for this? No. Will you suffer from this? No. You do not immediately encounter some kind of opposite rejections, antagonistic relationships—nothing like that! Just go ahead and do it. “I cannot!”

Now if, on the contrary, there was such a game that there is an enemy against you, and you are against him. Here, however, even this enemy is not visible; it is inside you, your egoism, and you cannot do anything. Therefore, it buys us in this way.

Question: What about this serpent within me? How can I conquer it anyway? The time has finally come!

Answer: It is an entire methodology. It says here how to do it.

Basically, it is not me doing it but the upper force. It does everything—but according to my request.

I can only make a request if it is supported by other people around me. I will think about their correction and not about my correction, and this is how we will help each other together. Just connect with a few more friends in the fact that you want to reach such a mutual connection.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/30/22

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