Have a Longing for Truth

239Comment: When I read the story about the Exodus from Egypt, I could not understand why the Creator was constantly hardening the Pharaoh’s heart. And then I found an explanation in the sources that the hardening of the heart is necessary for a person to have a real desire for truth.

My Response: The necessity for the Creator’s help!

A person still thinks: if I do not have enough time now, then some other time when I am smarter, stronger, and so on. Thus, he comes to realize that there is nothing in him and there cannot be anything for him to defeat the Pharaoh. And then he needs the help of the Creator and comes to prayer.

Question: Your teacher Rabash wrote that the hardening of the heart was necessary so that there would be an opportunity for prayer. Is the prayer needed not by the Creator but by the person?

Answer: Of course. What does the Creator even need? A person, on the other hand, needs the prayer so that he has a desire to receive help from the Creator.

Prayer is the final action on the part of a person when he already has everything necessary to turn to the Creator correctly.

Question: But where is the point that can be pressed to make prayer appear?

Answer: You look for it and press. No one will find it but you.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/14/22

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