Gold Or Silver?

49.01Question: Why was gold always an important asset for Jews?

Answer: And where hasn’t it been? It has been so in all ancient cultures. Do we find anything other than gold in Roman, Greek, Egyptian, and Persian excavations or anywhere else?

As for the Jews, they have long been engaged in currency transactions because in all countries, wherever they lived, they were connected with each other. Their having one language, one mentality, allowed them to communicate closely with each other. That is when they turned trade into a global, integral business. Naturally, small pieces of gold were convenient to exchange.

But then states began to print gold coins. Then they were replaced with other metals. The main thing was to have a state stamp. Surely, they should not have stopped using gold. But egoism does not want to recognize boundaries, and therefore, people filed coins and cut-off corners from them. And eventually, gold was replaced with another equivalent.

And among Jews, if something was valued, it was mostly silver, silver candlesticks and items related to religious worship. And only those who were engaged in international trade were interested in gold.

Question: What is the spiritual makeup of gold and silver?

Answer: What is so spiritual about gold or silver? Nothing.

The spiritual root of gold is very simple. It represents egoistic power and authority. Silver is much less. Therefore, silver cleanses, and gold does not react with anything, it is a dead metal.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Dollars, Gold or Diamonds?” 4/21/10

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