A Consequence of Growing Egoism

293Comment: A child serial killer Mary Bell was born in 1957 in England, her chilling story began after the baby’s seventeen-year-old mother, who worked as a prostitute, failed to provoke a miscarriage. The baby was an unwanted child. The mother tried to get rid of her child after birth as well, but again was unsuccessful.

The child Mary was abused and become a child murderer. The press called her an “evil born monster.”

My Response: In such cases it is also necessary to take into account the human psyche. It is possible that she was mentally ill and this has not been determined.

Comment: Usually people who stand trial for a crime are examined and have to be recognized as sane.

My Response: This is also a problem because psychology is not a perfect science. A person has such switches in the brain when he suddenly becomes absolutely normal after the fact. We cannot necessarily evoke in him those same states that prompted him to commit a misconduct, and therefore we give them a different interpretation. All this is very conditional.

But the problem is really a universal one. Each of us should blame the environment that brought him up for his wrong attitude toward life. And of course, we all feel bad. We can see this from the global state of things today, for example in the way people drive on the roads without observing traffic rules or how they communicate with each other.

In general, our entire human community is arranged in such a brutal way. Each one builds himself on the suppression of the other, on power over the other. This indicates the misuse of our initial human data. It doesn’t make anyone feel good, but still we don’t find the strength to change things. The intelligent humanity does not find the strength to realize this and start acting differently.

Therefore, unwanted children will appear more and more often and this phenomenon will become widespread. It is a consequence of our growing egoism, which does not want to consider anything or anyone
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Unwanted Children” 11/28/10

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