Escaping The Progress Trap

Dr. Michael LaitmanA question I received: It is well known that progress holds us away from the Upper Force, God, and inner cleansing. In my opinion, Kabbalah, together with other religions, has to agree with this approach to progress.

My Answer: Progress is a law of nature. We cannot stop it; it is dictated to us by the growth of our egoism. Its task is to bring humankind to a “dead-end” that has only one way out: transitioning to a new type of society based on bestowal and love. No other solution is possible in a global, interdependent society.

We have to pursue similarity with nature in our behavior and become one with each other and nature in spite of our growing egoism. Specifically our egoism and progress compels us to transform ourselves.

It is impossible to make a natural transition to a new type of society as it is unfeasible to change human nature. Our attempts will only bring us more pain (natural cataclysms, wars, etc.) We can shift from egoism to bestowal only by applying Kabbalistic methodology. Kabbalah teaches us how to use the force that originally created egoism. Only this force can correct and transform our ego into bestowal and love for the other.

We are unable to stop progress. Yet, by applying Kabbalistic knowledge we can bring the world – with its growing egoism and progress – to a benevolent state. This is why dissemination of Kabbalah is so critically important nowadays.

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