Under The Control Of The Creator

528.04Question: If I need to annul myself completely before the ten, how can I be sure that the ten does not deviate from the course even by one degree?

Answer: That is none of your business. The ten is under the rule of the Creator. You cannot start examining it to check how correct or incorrect it is and whether it has flaws or not. You have to annul yourself toward it.

I mean, if it is organized and everything in it is arranged according to the system of Baal HaSulam and Rabash, and you want to advance in it, you have only one option: to annul yourself. The one who does not annul himself falls. He goes back to his animalistic life.

Question: Why do I need to annul?

Answer: So that you become similar to the Creator. We must annul our egoism and acquire the quality of the Creator, the quality of bestowal and love. Then we will begin to feel eternity, infinity, and perfection, to feel absolute nature. The Creator wants to bring us to this.

Question: What should I do when I see that my friends awaken hatred in me that I cannot control?

Answer: Very good! It means that you need to work with this up to the point when you will like everything that your friends are doing the way you would like it in your little child.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/7/22, “Annulling before the Friends” Lesson 2

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