The Olympic Games

961.1Comment: The story of the founding of the ancient Olympic games includes the creation of the Ekecheiria, the Olympic Truce, which allowed the Games to be held without attack and its participants to travel unharmed through warring territories. The Greeks saw the the Olympics had potential for  promoting peace among their often warring city-states.

“This potential was especially important to Pierre, baron de Coubertin, and his predecessors in the modern Olympic revival who believed strongly that the Games were capable of advancing international understanding and the cause of world peace. The Olympics have played that role with marked success, especially among athletes and spectators, if not governments. Emphasis on a kind of Olympic peace has become a major feature of modern Olympic ideology. In the year 2000 Olympic officials established the International Olympic Truce Foundation to encourage the study of world peace and the creation of progress in its pursuit. The foundation is headquartered in Athens and has endeavoured to institute a new kind of official Olympic truce that would, unlike the ancient version, persuade countries not to wage war during the Olympic Games” (Britannica).

This means that at the time when the Olympic Games are held, no one is at war with anyone.

And for the first time in the 125-year history of the existence of the International Olympic Committee, 20 countries refused to sign the UN resolution for observing  the Olympic Truce during the Games.

My Response: This only shows what humanity is slipping into, that this is a terrible state of people and countries and how they treat each other, with such meanness, with such treachery.

This speaks of our time, of the huge egoism that has developed in humanity that we cannot curb in any way. We need only the special upper force for this.

Question: So you think it is going to get worse and worse? Will 30, 40, or more countries join?

Answer: Absolutely! Of course! This is all pure bluff.

Question: What does it take for a coup to happen suddenly at some point?

Answer: It will not happen. This will lead us to the fact that either we will bow our heads, accept the upper governance, and agree to be governed by an absolutely benevolent upper force, or we will not need the Olympic Games at all.

No one will escape. We will plunge into such wars… they say there have already been such periods on Earth.

But today is a special period because we have the opportunity to overcome this insane leap of egoism and rise above it.

Question: Is that why these crises occur?

Answer: Yes, of course, to show us in advance what can happen and to still push us to overcome these egoistic crises.

Question: Does it surprise you that, on one hand, athletes are sent to compete together, hug, shake hands, and on the other hand, these same countries refused to sign a peace agreement and say that it means nothing? They sent athletes, ok, they did that for peaceful sports, games, and we will wage war. Doesn’t this coup seem strange to you?

Answer: This is the duplicity of our world. Man is like that internally.

And according to the time, he is once like this, another time like that. I hope, again, that today’s state will lead to awareness and to the understanding of the cruelty and irrationality of our egoism.

Question: What will become of these Olympic Games if this turn you are talking about happens?

Answer: Then the games will turn into a festival, a celebration. And the celebration will consist not in someone defeating someone, but in friendship truly winning.

Truly! So that everyone in their sport demonstrates their desire to show friendship, connection, love, mutual understanding, and closeness to others through their sport.

Question: Without any duplicity?

Answer: Certainly! But I do not know how to do it. Let them search. We will give awards for this.

Question: Specifically for this? Not for those first places that were snatched in the fight?

Answer: Of course. Not for playing dirty tricks or using all kinds of drugs and means!

Comment: That is how it is today.

My Response: Yes, these are today’s games, and in this case, it is better to shut them down.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/31/22

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