Fulfilling The Principle Of Mutual Guarantee

My influence on the friends that passes through the common Kli (Adam) returns to me. In this return to me, there is also my effort to rise above myself, the desire to be in faith above reason and in mutual guarantee for others.

There are already some desires with intentions and efforts, as if we are starting to organize a spiritual Partzuf. There is a restriction and a reflected light when I do not want anything for myself but only for my friends, and, according to my efforts, I receive the forces of bestowal and connection from above.

And although it does not seem like a special spiritual action to us, all the elements of the Partzuf, the structure of the soul, already take place in it. Gradually, all this will develop and we will see in ourselves, in our friends, in our common Kli, and in all of humanity how it all settles in us and transforms.

Therefore, the implementation of the rule “faith above reason,” is the main one. And mutual guarantee (Arvut) is designed to help fulfill it and lead us to a state where we all will all be connected together. A loner will never be able to perform a single spiritual action if there is not at least one more friend next to him whose advancement he cares about.

We ourselves cannot pull ourselves by the hair out of the swamp we are in. We can only help others, and  through others ourselves, and so to each other. Therefore, this principle is called “mutual guarantee.”
It is said that only by fulfilling mutual guarantee toward all of mankind, will we consistently and gradually lead the whole world to correction and to the revelation of the upper world in everyone.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/9/22, “Working in Mutual Responsibility” Lesson 6

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