Creation Remains Creation

219.01Question: If we build the Creator between us by correcting the quality of our relationships, will the corrected humanity become the Creator itself or will there always be two forms: humanity and the Creator?

Answer: Regarding what will always be, I cannot tell you. There are steps beyond final correction and even higher. But I think that there is no limit to our ascent in connection, adhesion, and similarity to the Creator.

However, we do not disappear, i.e., our initial egoistic point will never be lost. We must still remain created beings and not disappear in the Creator. This is what He desires.

However, I can correct this point and be similar to Him. Therefore, we become like the Creator even though there is a black point that He created inside of us. But it does not apply to us. He created it so I do not see any flaws in it.

It is thanks to this point that we can be in complete adhesion with each other; otherwise, we cannot. Adhesion implies that there is still some difference between one and the other and at the same time there is connection. This connection of opposites is wonderful. In principle, this is what gives such a range of feelings in our world—diversity and rapprochement at the same time.

Imagine, especially the female part of our global group, when can you experience the feeling of love? When you feel that there is someone against you and wants to connect with you. Then love appears.

And if such a difference in the black point, the only one that the Creator made, disappears, then the whole creation will disappear altogether.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/6/22, “Approaching the Creator Through the Network of Connections Between Us” Lesson 1

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