To The Convention As To Battle

232.08We are preparing for the convention as if we are going into battle with our egoism that stands between me and my friends. I must break this wall in my heart that separates me from everyone else and achieve such a connection with them that will not be an obstacle for the upper light.

The upper light is concentrated in the intervals between us that are created by the Creator. And we need to build bridges for Him over the barriers separating us so that the light can jump over them. It turns out that by this we increase the light to the height of the barriers.

The barriers divide us more and more and I feel how egoism grows and separates me from my friends, and at the same time my desire to step over these barriers and connect with everyone is also growing.

And due to the fact that we overcome the rejection that has grown to the height of the wall, and unite, we increase the upper light from the initial, minimal light of Nefesh, which was in Adam HaRishon, to the height of the Creator. We increase it by our own strength, in our understanding and sensation, and by making an accurate calculation of how much light we are able to receive.

The correction of sinners that reveal themselves to us allows us to attain the power of the Creator, to acquire His strength and character. And all this is due to our resistance to the desire to enjoy and the breaking that reveals to us the true distance between us. To this extent we will also be able to reveal the connections between us until we fully reveal the Creator in all His might.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/3/22, “Asking the Creator to Fill the Place Between Us”

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