The Word “Love” Is Understandable In All Languages

509Question: Why is it important to annul myself in order to come to love between us?

Answer: I think we can also understand this from what we feel in our world, in our relationships with each other. How can I love another if I love myself? It is impossible. The expression of love is only when you take the quality of the other, his desire, his life, as your own above yourself, and exist in order to do everything that he desires.

There is no other definition of “love” but integrating with the desires of the other in order to fulfill them. Everything else is an absolutely unrealistic expression: “I love you.” No! Give me a concrete, material definition.

Our world is built on desires. What should I do with my desire and with the desire of the other? What states should I create between us that will be called “love”? Only to direct all my qualities to fill and to satisfy the other, this is called that I love him.

This is a clear manifestation, an expression of my attitude toward him. This is why we are all created in the will to receive. If I put the will to receive of another person above my own in order to fulfill him, then it is called that “I love him.”

There is no other material, clear, pure definition, that can even be fixed over time, to measure to what extent we sacrifice ourselves for the sake of the other. There are levels in this self-sacrifice where then how much I do not just do something for the sake of the other, but rise above myself in spite of myself, and everything I would do for myself I do for him.

This attitude, when you place the other person above yourself, is called love. You can find other words: inclusion, conjugation, commutation, but the simplest one between people and in all languages is love.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves 1/6/22, “Approaching the Creator Through the Network of Connections Between Us” Lesson 1

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