To Feel Love, You, Yourself Have To Love

527.02Question: The great Kabbalist of the twelfth century Rambam compares love for the Creator with love for a woman: “Like someone lovesick whose mind is not free because of love for that woman, and he always abides in it: whether he sits or stands up, or eats or drinks. Love for the Creator should be in the hearts of those who love Him and abide in it always, as we are commanded to always love Him with all our heart and with all our soul. ”

King Solomon also spoke about this. What is this state of being sick with love?

Answer: This feeling cannot be conveyed in words. Love for the Creator is manifested to the extent that we can relate to Him correctly.

We feel the Creator all the time. Apart from Him, there is nothing to affect us. This manifests itself through everything that is around us, and we constantly feel the manifestation of the Creator in us, but do not understand it.

The Creator is hidden behind these sensations because since we are egoists that are opposite to the Creator, we cannot feel Him. Like a child who does not understand his parents who treat him with all their love, he thinks that they do not want to give him what he wants.

From the side of the Creator comes absolute love for us. We just feel it when we ourselves relate to Him with love. To the extent our directions coincide, to this extent, we feel that the Creator loves us.

Question: What does with all my heart and with all my soul mean?

Answer: With everything that is in me, both desires and intentions.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/14/21

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