The Development Of A Spiritual Seed

232.08Question: The human body dies along with all its earthly desires. What happens to the desire, which is called a point in the heart?

Answer: Nothing. If a person has not developed this desire, it exists in him in its rudimentary state, it remains in the form of a dot, like a drop of seed. How can we say about a grain not placed in the ground that there is life in it? I take this grain, grind it, and eat it. But I can plant it in the ground and something will grow out of it.

This means it all depends on whether I am working to grow something from this drop of the spiritual seed or spiritual life. It exists in me in potential, but am I developing it? Do I give this drop a uterus, so to say, in which it could develop and be born? It is in this that I will become a person, but already a new one, in a different world.

If I create a special environment around a drop of seed (the desire for the upper), a group, Kabbalah classes, and dissemination efforts, then I clothe it in a shell in which it develops and I begin to feel its development.

This desire becomes more and more voluminous. I feel all kinds of qualities in it and various movements. Suddenly, through it, I begin to see a completely new world, new sensations, and new relationships.

As in material life, the fetus developing inside the mother has no connection with our world and simply exists in a closed space, so first I go through such a period of intrauterine spiritual development. Then I am born and begin to feel myself existing in a different form, I develop in the spiritual world.

We go through the same stages in it as in our world, only there we do not come to death because we merge. We begin to merge with our souls, our expanded, enhanced, developed desires. When we connect, then, like cells in the body, we begin to transfer to each other everything we only can and mutually interchange with each other.

That is when our common body acquires a life and feels above itself. Just as the cells of the body act only for the body to exist, so our souls exist to maintain life above themselves, and because of this, they exist.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Mystery of the Sphinx” 2/5/10

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