Imagine You Want To Live In A Fairy Tale

600.01Question: In what situation can we ask for the power of faith?

Answer: We can ask for the force of faith in any situation and generate it between us at every moment.

To do this, we must imagine that the Creator fills the entire universe and we will act in the same way between us in the group. But only in the group, others will not understand you. If we work in this way in our relations between us, we can start feeling how the Creator really fills all the space, the whole world.

But then we will have to work in faith above reason; i.e., restrict our egoism and turn to the Creator only with the property of bestowal. This is the only thing we have to do—switch ourselves, or our attitude toward the Creator, into faith above reason.

And we will begin to feel what these words mean. They sound like a mantra: “Faith above reason.” What is it? It is not clear now. But we will gradually start feeling the inner meaning of these words.

Question: How can we receive faith above reason?

Answer: Imagine that you want to live in this fairy tale. That in fact there is no faith above reason, but you want to imagine it. Try. Make an effort as if you feel that the Creator fills the whole world and governs it as good that does good. And act that way in the group.

The group is the platform where you can work it all out and implement it.

Question: Does every friend have to imagine it or do we share it with each other?

Answer: You can talk among yourselves on this subject. But the most important thing is that everyone should care that such an attitude toward other friends appears in him. As the Creator is the good that does good, so each of the friends should treat others as good that does good.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/8/22, “Going with Faith above Reason” Lesson 5

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