Mutual Guarantee Is Worth More Than Money

935How can we change our egoistic intention, which was given to us by nature and always exists within us, without any doubts or clarifications? It is called the evil inclination, which was born first. And now we need to give birth to a good inclination.

And that is why we are working together on our evil inclination in order to build a good inclination within each of us through mutual guarantee. We turn to the Creator. as if to a bank, and say that we want to build a building of bestowal.

Each of us has not a penny to his name, but we sign the mutual guarantee. There are nine friends backing me up, ready to sign a guarantee that I will be in bestowal because they will support me. Since I am in their complete power, whether I want it or not, I will certainly be in bestowal.

This is how we come to the Creator, and everyone signs a guarantee for their friends. No one can be a guarantor for himself because he does not have such powers; where will they come from? But he can be a guarantor for a friend, and in this way we come to mutual guarantee. Then the Creator begins to invest His upper force in this mutual guarantee that we have signed.

What have we invested in this mutual guarantee? After all, no one has anything, so no one can pay anything for the other. But since we want to help each other, this very guarantee helps us start building a common building.

None of us can be the foundation of this common building, nor is anyone its owner. Only due to the fact that each supports the other, due to our mutual support, does this entire building stay upright.

This is how we build the spiritual building. There is nothing in it; it is maintained only by our mutual guarantee and by our appeal to the upper force. That is why this building is spiritual.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/30/22, “Faith Above Reason”

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