The Difference Between The First And The Second Restriction.

210Question: Why do we have difficulties studying the material when the second restriction (Tzimtzum Bet)  is explained?

Answer: Because the first restriction is made upon the egoistic desire to receive that is naturally in us.

And with the second restriction, it is not entirely clear what it operates on. It operates on the fact that there is no opportunity to receive but only to become like the property of bestowal with no reception.

That is, there is this first opportunity when I receive and my intention is to receive for the sake of the Giver in order to give Him pleasure. And the second one is when I do not receive because I cannot receive in order to please Him.

Question: Can you give an example? Let’s say, I have several million dollars, and I do not use it at all because I understand that I will use them for myself and will not be connected with the upper force and it is important for me to be in touch with it. This is the first state.

The second state is when I determine that I can use some part, for example, a $100,000 not for myself, but for others. And then to the extent that I use this opportunity for the sake of others, I am connected to the Creator. Is this correct?

Answer: Yes. But this is not the second restriction. It is just using whatever resources you have.

If you do not have a Masach and you can only close yourself from receiving, then this is called the first restriction. If in addition to this you have the opportunity to fulfill yourself for the sake of others, for example, to receive something for the $100,000 in order to pass it on to others but nothing for yourself, then this is already using forces over the first restriction.

And if you cannot realize the second option, then maybe you have the opportunity to make yourself just like others without receiving. But these are purely spiritual concepts, and then you will become like others, not receiving.

Question: So can you give some examples of the second restriction in our world?

Answer: Yes. When you receive something from someone and pass it on to someone else; for example, if you received a million from someone and you have the strength not to take it for yourself but to pass it on, just as Bina receives from Keter and passes it down.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 11/16/21

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