“Omicron Is Nature’s Precise Spanking” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “Omicron Is Nature’s Precise Spanking

We haven’t finished with Delta, yet here comes Omicron. The new strain of coronavirus is said to be five times more infectious, but there is as yet no evidence that it causes serious illness in vaccinated people. Nature’s precision is astonishing. Like a skilled judge, it punishes us for our sins. However, it feels more like the educational admonition of a school principal than the wrath of a vengeful God. Its lesson is unity. To the extent that we refuse to learn, the admonishing virus will grow more adamant.

Since the dawn of civilization, we have tried to overpower nature. That’s about as smart as a fetus trying to overpower its mother. But then, we have never been smart except in our own eyes.

So while all of nature works harmoniously, we interfere with every process, disrupting and disturbing the natural order of things instead of joining it in our attempt to make the rules. When things do not work the way we thought they would, because a machine cannot work right after you break it, we try to fix it and prove our superior intelligence.

These “feats” are tearing nature’s intertwined threads, shredding the tapestry that sustains us all, and triggering the numerous adverse phenomena we have been experiencing. The most recent of these adverse phenomena is Covid, but if we continue to ignore the basic rules of nature—reciprocity and balance—it will not be the last, and certainly not the worst “spanking” that nature will deliver.

If we want to change course and truly improve our situation, we must begin with our attitude. We cannot maintain a self-centered attitude and expect it to work in an environment designed for the well-being of the community.

Nature is an integral whole. Its parts are interconnected. If one part is dysfunctional, all of nature is dysfunctional. This is why nature maintains the well-being of all its elements, and not just this or that species of animal, plant, or mineral.

All species obey this law of reciprocity except for man, which means that we are the only dysfunctional element in nature. In other words, all the negative phenomena we are experiencing are our own doing, created by our egocentric mindset.

Therefore, to live a good life, we needn’t change anything in reality itself; we need to change our thinking. If we think unity rather than individuality, we will benefit everyone, ourselves included. If we see the well-being of humanity and of nature as an integral part of our own well-being, we will see reality as it really is, and our actions will be equally successful. A collective mindset is the only way to thrive in a world that is built as a collective. Our current attitude will bring nothing but doom.

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