Distortion Of Nature

13.03Question: Today, according to some researchers, every tenth married couple is unable to conceive a child without medical help. It is worth noting that in 40% of married couples, the cause of infertility is the disease of a woman, and in 45% of cases the problem is with a man.

What are the spiritual roots of the fact that today a man is not able to produce offspring?

Answer: This is a result of our egoistic development. The bestowing, life-giving part comes from a man. However, we in our egoism are so closed within ourselves that we are unable to do even this. Our inner, mental, spiritual qualities begin to manifest themselves at the physiological level.

Look at what is happening nowadays with the genders, with their interaction with each other, how much they withdraw into themselves: women are closing themselves in their society and men in their own. They find some extraneous, alternative forms of sexual satisfaction. That is, everything is unnatural, everything is very far from nature. And this will continue to grow.

Question: Why is this happening?

Answer: This is a long story that continues throughout the development of the entire human race. At one time in Ancient Greece, in the East, etc. there were entire cultures of mutual attraction between women or between men. However, this was not an absolute norm and was cultivated among a very narrow circle of people, for example, among the aristocracy or in harems.

A person feels the need for this, because due to his egoism he does not find normal contact with the opposite sex to really be satisfying, enjoyable, to find warmth, a sense of at least some mutual understanding and support.

I believe this is the cause of a great number of diseases, in particular impacting the nervous system, cardiac system and others. The correct relationship between the genders would balance human nature, would lead to a decrease in stress, psychosomatic and heart diseases.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Two-headed eagle” 1/1/10

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