Man And Woman: A Spiritual Complement Of Each Other

565.01Question: Can we say that today a woman subconsciously denies the man’s role because a man does not fulfill his purpose?

Answer: He does not fulfill the most natural thing—to give a woman what she demands. She demands from him that a spiritual partnership would develop between them in addition to a physical partnership.

If they open a Kabbalistic book together and begin to attain the upper state, the upper world, they will reach an amazing unity that cannot be reached in any other combination.

If a man and a woman are spiritually connected with each other, they can achieve a lot. The fact is that they are opposite parts of the same soul, of the same vessel. Therefore, when such a connection arises between them, they are given a wonderful opportunity to attain the spiritual world.

Although this has not often occurred during our history, in those rare cases that it has it has always led to very meaningful results.

I hope that because of the difficulties that the modern family and humanity are going through now, they will understand that the correct union between the male and female parts should lead to their true realization, which is, not to live like animals, just to mate and to have children, or to live life alone. After all, in neither case do we see the real result of our existence.

The real result is a spiritual adhesion instead of a physical one. If we understand that through the spiritual connection between the male and female parts complementing each other, it is possible to reveal a common desire, a real Kli (Vessel), then the Creator will be revealed between them, as it is said: “A man and a woman and the revelation of the Creator between them.”

The common desire is built on the internal combination of these two parts of creation.

I hope that in the coming years such a need will be revealed in society equally from women and from men. It will be built on mutual concessions when one annuls oneself in regard to the other.

It is then that they will discover how completely they converge internally in contact with each other, and in the contact itself a glue appears, which is the Creator, a quality that is revealed between them.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Emancipation” 9/16/09

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