Sukkah—Construction Of The Spiritual Vessel

506.1After Yom Kippur passes, a person who has made internal corrections must restore himself in the right shape, in the right form. This restoration is represented by the construction of a hut-like structure called a Sukkah.

From the waste of the field and trees, mainly from the waste of agriculture, as well as leftovers of the production of bread and wine, we build a temporary home. By doing this, we embody those desires, intentions, and actions that were previously completely unimportant for us, were like waste, i.e., we did not pay attention to relationships with other people; now, on the contrary, we focus on how to treat others, how to come closer to each other.

It is from these actions, which were previously not used correctly, we are now making a cover on the Sukkah. Then we sit in it for a whole week and celebrate our new home. This symbolizes that we really want to build ourselves in a new way.

The construction of a Sukkah represents the construction of a spiritual Kli (vessel). The roof symbolizes the anti-egoistic quality, the screen.

Bread represents a special force, which is called the light of Hassadim, and wine, the force of the light of Hochma. These two forces must be properly coordinated with each other so that they clearly fill our soul. This materializes in the fact that we sit inside the Sukkah and have a meal.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 10/7/19

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