Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 7/7/19

213Question: What does it mean to be careful of underestimating any particle of creation and trying to see the Creator that manages creation through every particle in it?

Answer: The most effective, simplest, and healthiest thing is to get closer to the attribute of the Creator, to study and to explore it. Then you don’t get confused.

Question: Sometimes what I don’t wish for impacts my development best. Why is that so?

Answer: Of course, because I don’t understand what I really need, meaning what is best and most beneficial for me, because I am in my egoistic attributes. It is therefore best to do what Kabbalah books advise and then I will surely reach the goal faster.

Question: How can bad attributes turn into good and beneficial attributes like the Creator initially planned them? Where do human efforts come in or is it a miracle?

Answer: Of course our efforts are necessary and play an important role. We are the ones who do it and not the Creator. In fact the Creator doesn’t exist.

There are two forces in nature, the negative force and the positive force. We just need to use them correctly. When the two forces cooperate mutually and correctly, we can take what we need from each of the forces.

Question: I would like to complete three laws of dialectics by a fourth law that can be expressed by what Hillel said when he entered the framework of the wisdom of Kabbalah, “everything that is rational is real, and everything that is real is rational.” If reality doesn’t become rational, it ceases to be reality.

Answer: I agree. Both you and Hillel are right.

Question: How does the level of attainment of different friends in the ten affect its spiritual height?

Answer: The spirituality of the ten is the degree of their unity. So according to the degree of its unity, the whole ten begins to feel the upper world and the Creator who is revealed between them but each one in his individual way.

Question: When will humanity mature? Is our society like fruit on a tree waiting and counting the days and months until it ripens?

Answer: When you can love everyone, the sweet fruit will be revealed, the fruit of the tree of the Garden of Eden. You will pick it and feel its sweetness.

Question: Is the feeling of the Creator, connection between people, like the feeling of waking up from a dream?

Answer: Yes. At first I want to lose consciousness and fall asleep, and then it is the opposite, I want to wake up and see.

Question: Is the transition to the spiritual world related to the sufferings of the body?

Answer: No. of course you grow tired of the study. You need to work and to study with the ten and to put lots of time and effort into it, but these are not sufferings.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 7/7/19

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