You Have Not Even Dreamed Of Such A Civilization

177.06Question from Facebook: Is it realistic to unite everyone into one society? If so, how should it be done? The fastest and safest way is when two enemies unite when confronted with a third enemy, and the third enemy is another civilization. But I may be wrong.

Answer: It is good that you understand that you may be wrong. Where is the third civilization that can unite all the enemies?

Do you think that if some giant spaceship or a flying saucer that covered half the planet and totally darkened it, hovered above us, we would begin to love one another? No, this does not mean to love.

We cannot be forced to love. The only way is to begin to educate ourselves, through our consciousness, and not under pressure, to develop a yearning for each other, like mutuality, love, and bestowal. Love is when I feel what you want, and you feel what I want and we fill each other. But no one can fill himself.

So, a third civilization will not help. Our civilization is quite enough. We are the only ones in the universe and we do not need to look for anyone or anything. All we have to do is to correct ourselves, to fulfill, and to attain the most sublime state of eternity and perfection, which means a civilization that no one has even dreamed of. Let’s do it!
From KabTV’s “Answers to Questions from Facebook” 3/10/19

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