The Only Motion Is Toward Unity

947We need to constantly pay attention to descents. We must not delve into them and weep, but we should regard them in a more serious, controlled manner, understand them, and be grateful to the Creator for having revealed them to us by His light.

In fact, these are not descents, but the revelation of the next corruption that I am given and thus enabled to correct the general vessel. In this state, it is clear to me that I must connect to my friends. This is the state each of us is in during the revelation of our individual states and the common states in which we feel descents, ascents, and different leaps, and correct them together.

As we feel the individual descents or the general common ones, we need to immediately yearn to connect to the center of the ten and try to hold on to each other. It is only by greater consolidation between us that we can correct these descents, this darkness, and these misunderstandings.

All the states are corrected by one single motion toward unity and not in any other way. There can be all kinds of states of inconsistency and lack of coordination, discomfort, quarrels, misunderstandings, distance from each other, individual states, or common states, but none of them matter. These states result from the fact that we are not united enough, and we can correct them only by our common unity.

The moment we yearn for and turn to unity, we should immediately ask the Creator to glue us together because we will not be able to unite without Him. We do not have any other glue that can keep us together.

First, we need to restrict each one’s own egoism so that we will not use it, and then we need to acquire a Masach (screen) above each one’s egoism, and the reflected light that is aimed at each other and then at the Creator. We need to receive all that from above.

The Creator reveals the next level of our shattering inside us, and He is also the one who has to correct it. We need to clearly attribute this to Him only. Just as we take a broken object to a place where it can be fixed, this is what our work comes down to, to determine who is the expert that can do it. The Creator wants us to acknowledge Him as a craftsman and a great expert.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/12/19

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