Does The Body Have Anything To Do With The Soul?

752.2Question: Does the pace of the development of the soul and its ascent to the spiritual world depend on my previous lives?

Answer: Everything depends on everything. If a certain individual, a certain soul, in this world advances or goes back a little, it is reflected in everyone, and it is the same when a soul ascends.

We all totally depend on each other, and our previous states and future states are an integral picture that we need to understand and to fulfill.

Question: The connection between spiritual and corporeal lives is a very complicated matter. If we take only spirituality, the states replace each other, of course, and it is possible to live many lives in one day.

In our corporeal lives, we see that people are born and die. This is seemingly a different system. So, are they related in any way?

Answer: The life and death of the body are simply states on the corporeal level. Now I feel a close connection to my corporeal body and it is very dear to me because it seems to me that I feel life through it.

But in fact, it is an absolute illusion. There is nothing in this body for me. I feel pain and pleasure through it, but only on the corporeal level. It has nothing to do with the soul. We will all live in this body for a while and will part from it when the time comes.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 6/16/19

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