Breaking Of Desires

962.6Question: By vessels (Kelim) in Kabbalah we mean our desires. What is the breaking of the vessel (desire)?

Answer: If a desire to enjoy for the sake of the other can appear in a person, then such a desire, in principle, is not forbidden by anyone and is even encouraged by people because at that time a person does not think about oneself and does something not for oneself, but for the sake of others.

But in general, if such a perfect desire suddenly turns from receiving for the sake of another into receiving for oneself, then such an inversion, such a change of intention, is called a fall, breaking of the desire.

To correct it, we need a special upper force that can change the intention to receive for ourselves into the intention to give to others.

According to the axis of time, the process of the breaking the vessels took place at the beginning of creation before the human appeared. At the beginning of human origin, a desire to receive for the sake of others was created, which passed the breaking and turned into a desire to receive for oneself.

Question: Are these some potential states of a person? Does one still have to reveal them? We aren’t studying history, right?

Answer: It is not about any kind of history. Everything happens in the same desire, outside of time, space, and movement. All this is inside us, like our whole world in general. Someday it must be revealed.

A person will have the possibility to receive not for one’s own sake. But first, one must understand that such a state exists, one must investigate it, and then begin to realize it.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 7/23/21

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